Episode 2: A talk with Cornelius Althammer of Ahab

This is the second episode of Feeding on Wind, a podcast on art and music outside of the mainstream presented by Mark Lindhout.

Being in a band is a lot of work. Let alone being in five bands!

How Cornelius does it, what keeps him going, what annoys him, these are the core subjects we cover in this episode. Ranging from vaccinations and the Justin Bieber fanbase, to drinking whiskey sours with bankers, we talk our way through Cornelius’ musical career and cover a surprising variety of topics.

There’s a ton of music in this episode —some of which hasn’t even been released yet— so you guys are in for a treat!

I would like to thank Cornelius Althammer for talking to me, and allowing me to use his bands’ music. As always, I thank Johannes and Theresa for providing me support, and a spot in Der Eibenreiter to publish to. High five!

Enjoy the show.

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