Episode 1: A talk with Florian Dammasch of Eïs

This is the first episode of Feeding on Wind, a podcast on art and music outside of the mainstream presented by Mark Lindhout.

We start off the podcast series by talking to Florian Dammasch, an influential German black metal musician known for his participation in Eïs — and Naxen, Enid, Ferndal, and Inarborat too, of course!

In our talk he elaborates on a lot of his activities: What it is like to run a band, being a producer, breaking the magic of a band’s image, and many other things.

I would like to thoroughly thank Florian Dammasch for allowing me to record and publish this talk and his band’s music, and Johannes Schiffelholz for providing me with conceptual support and the initial platform to publish on. You guys rock!

Enjoy the show.

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