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The wonderful people at Der Eibenreiter have been very supportive of Feeding on Wind from the very beginning. The magazine on art, music, and alternative lifestyle is available online and also has a special print edition, which you can buy at Windbirke.

Der Eibenreiter is my magazine of choice for the publication of this podcast. They have the latest and greatest Feeding on Wind available on their front page, which is awesome support. Thanks guys!

So, drop by their site for the great offering of online content, and drop that print edition in your shopping cart — It’s a great read!


Coming up: Cornelius Althammer from Ahab, Fisted Mister, Raptvre, Svärd.

I am working hard on the upcoming episode of Feeding on Wind. On the next installment I will have the prolific musical multi-talent Cornelius Althammer as a guest.

He has performed in an almost unbelievable amount of bands, and is currently active in Ahab, Dead Eyed Sleeper, Fisted Mister, Raptvre, and Svärd, with an honourable mention to his former work in Ekranoplan.

Cornelius Althammer performing live at the 2017 Sick Midsummer festival in Austria, with his band Ahab — Photo by Skimaniac, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Together, we shall talk our way through the effects of the pandemic on the underground scene, the drives that keep us sane, being in sync with the universe, clear goals, and practice over talent.

Have a listen to the below selection of tracks. That should give you a taste of what Cornelius is up to these days.

I hope you have your podcast subscriptions set up on all your devices, and I shall see you soon on the brand new episode of Feeding on Wind!


Coming up: An artist profile and talk with Florian Dammasch of Eïs

I’ve been working on a long podcast with Florian Dammasch from well-known German black metal act Eïs —and Naxen, Enid, Ferndal, and Inarborat too, of course.

Eïs with front man Florian Dammasch at one of their last gigs during the Interglacial Farewell Tour in Berlin, March 30th, 2019
Eïs with front man Florian Dammasch at one of their last gigs during the Interglacial Farewell Tour in Berlin, March 30th, 2019 — Photo by Mark Lindhout.

We’re currently still dotting some i’s, but I am confident the podcast will be up in the coming week.

In this upcoming episode, we will be talking about nineties black metal, the hard work that goes into running a band, musical composition, suffering for art, and Angela Merkel’s alternate career path.