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Mark P. Lindhout
Achter de School 22
24794 Borgstedt
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I accept no responsibility for any content by third-party sites or content linked from this site, nor do I accept no responsibility for any form of embedded or linked content by third parties.

Basically, I accept no responsibility for anything you do or think. Even if I literally told you to do something; You are still your own keeper. Think and act like it. The alternative is serfdom.

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All content on this site is my own, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. It is subject to German law, meaning that reproduction of this site’s content needs written consent by the author: Mark Lindhout. Content on this site from other authors is subject to their respective copyrights.

Privacy Policy

Data Collection

We collect no personal data, except your IP address. We collect this data for analytics purposes. This data will never leave the server and it is not coupled to any personal data, and as such, anonymized.

Comment Function

If you decide to leave a comment or trackback on the site, the information you enter is saved on the server this site runs on, with the IP you used at the time, and your user agent string as well.

Logging, Maintenance, Debugging

Server logs, which include IP addresses and user agent strings, are kept for debugging purposes.

Logrotate tells me it keeps the web server logs for 8 weeks.

No one has access to this server expect me, Mark Lindhout. If there is any technical issue, I reserve the right to provide third parties access to the server and its data, always meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

A Final Word

I try to to my best to keep it all correct. If you notice an issue, contact me, and I will immediately take action.